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21 March 2020
What can our immune system do to protect us during the current viral epidemic?

Our immune system plays a major role as our body’s defense against germs and viruses.
Recent statistics have shown a rapid rise of infectious diseases in various continents and extensive spread worldwide over the past decade, such as SARS, H1N1, Ebola, Influenza, Covid-19 and many more. The majority of deaths that occurred from these infectious illnesses are related to a weakened immune system.

Let’s talk about what one can do to pursue preventive measures and understand what the capability of our immune system is.

“What can our immune system do to protect us during the current viral epidemic?” by Prof. Dr. Yeo from Harvard School of Medicine.

Topic coverage in this talk:

1. Basic understanding of the human immune system
2. Current state of virus epidemic in Malaysia, Singapore, and around the globe
3. Measures that can boost our immune system and prevent us from getting serious viral or
bacterial infection
4. Limited to 50 seats

Time: 10am
Date: 21st March 2020
Venue: ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub
Language: English
Entry fee: RM25 / person only

All participants are entitled to either the Full Body Scan or Red Blood Cell Analysis to determine the indications of your body’s health condition and your overall immune system status (total worth up to RM 300). Refreshments will be provided. On first come, first served basis.

Red Blood Cell Analysis:

    • RBC status
    • Nutrient Absorption status
    • Free Radicals (RBC oxidative status)
    • Cholesterol
    • Uric Acid
    • Heavy metals
    • Liver health
    • Digestion
    • Inflammation status

Full Body Scan reveals abnormalities at organs such as:

    • Heart
    • Liver
    • Colon
    • Kidney
    • Spleen

Register via
Mobile: 012-6975533



Building on a strong academic background in Radiobiology & Clinical Medicine, Prof Dr Harry Yeo now is a widely respected clinician cum scientist working in the fields of Cellular Biology & Sciences, Cellular Therapeutics and Preventive Medicine, with special interests in anti-ageing and regenerative medicine. Prof Dr Harry Yeo practices cell therapy which has repair & rejuvenates properties, to help his patients to alleviate symptoms and signs of premature ageing, against chronic degenerative diseases, and to recover their vigour& vitality. He also utilizes thymus and various organ cell extracts to boost up the immune system to achieve cancer preventive. He is the first in the medical world to suggest the causal link between “Suboptimal Health Conditions” and “Chronic Inflammation”, and their complexly intertwined pathophysiological mechanisms. He will be establishing the first-ever ZÉLL-V clinical research unit in Asia, the First in the world focusing on Southeast Asians. Presently, Prof Dr Harry Yeo is the Head of Medical Unit of ZÉLL-V in Asia region, overseeing the overall medical and clinical operations and development of the latest medical innovations.