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It’s Time to Make a Family COVID-19 Plan


Boosting Your Immune System is Your Best Defence against Covid-19

Amid the rising threat of the global pandemic and in the absence of a vaccine against the deadly disease, our IMMUNE SYSTEM is our best defence.


Our immune system 🆘 has 3 lines of defense against invaders:

First Line of Defense
Skin – Barrier against invading pathogens
Respiratory System – Mucus traps dirt and pathogens
Stomach and Intestines – Kill most harmful bacteria
Urinary tract – Flushes out pathogens through urine


Second Line of Defense
Inflammatory Response – Increases the amount of blood flow to the site of infection to bring in more nutrients and white blood cells
White Blood cells – Engulf and destroy bacteria
Platelets – Promote blood clotting


Third Line of Defense
Lymph nodes – Filters bacteria, viruses and other foreign material
Thymus – Produces T Cells which find and destroy infected cells (which had been turned into virus-making factories)
Spleen – Filters and cleanses blood of bacteria and viruses


To help everyone put up the best defense against this pandemic, we are offering up to 40% Discount on the ZÉLL-V 2-Step IMMUNE BOOSTER PACKAGE which includes 2-month supply of:


💚 ZÉLL-V Green – Immune-Activating & Free-Radical Quenching

ZÉLL-V Green consists of organic marine algae Aphanizomenonflos-aquae (AFA) which is rich in five organic factors, namely Vitamins, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Minerals and Antioxidants, including C-Phycocyanin which possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
AFA Helps in Second & Third Line of Defense




💚 ZÉLL-V Platinum – Cellular Rejuvenation and Immune Enhancer

ZÉLL-V Platinum Sheep Placenta Extract is an oral supplement with every soft-gel containing active materials including growth factors, transfer factors, shark liver oil and grape seed oil to promote cellular rejuvenation and enhance immune response. ZÉLL-V supplies the human body with large amounts of active cells which stimulate the weakened and ageing cells in our body to heal themselves and regenerate, resulting in an overall restoration of our organs and systems.
Placenta Extract Helps in First & Third Line of Defense



📌 Upon completion of this immune system booster package we will provide you with a BR Scan worth RM300 for FREE and health consultation.*



For your safety and protection during this period of Movement Control Order, we will deliver 🎁 the products to you for free.

For the sake of your family’s health  👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and well being, fight Covid-19 now! Call us to know more.

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