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ZÉLL-V Green

To restore skin back to its radiant, fair & healthy condition

About ZÉLL-V Green

Complete Cellular Detoxification with extra care of nourishing your cells for a healthier you on the inside you and more radiant, fairer and suppler skin on the outside and amazing benefits to your detox organs.


Our established and affiliated laboratories in Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine of Switzerland, Germany and France (IAOSS) have developed this formulation in the cultivation of organic marine algae for complete cellular detoxification and with nourishment because of the need for such customised formulation in this modern world. Unhealthy lifestyle, stressful work, global pollution, compromised organs making you take too much medications, smoking, drinking, lack of proper sleep and many more causes toxins to accumulate in the body, resulting in fatigue, fatty liver, kidney inflammation, low enthusiasm and ultimately, premature ageing.

To counteract the toxins accumulation, ZÉLL-V Green consist of rich C-Phycocyanin, a naturally occurring antioxidant in blue-green algae. It scavenges free radicals, supports liver enzyme production and increase gluthathione concentration at liver Phycocyanin shows a wide range of pharmacological effects:

  • Anti-oxidation: Eliminate free radicals and toxins
  • Anti-inflammatory activity
  • Balances bodily pH
  • Fatty acids balance hormones and maintain good immune system
  • Strengthen bones and joints
  • Regulate cellular function and improve metabolism
  • Enzymes to regulate bowel movement
  • C-Phycocyanin improves skin complexion/lightening your skin



Chlorophyll in the algae is the central molecule for increasing the oxygen availability to your system resulting anti-Inflammation and preventing formation of the toxic by metabolite in our cells. It brings more oxygen to blood , better exchange and waste removal/ circulation at liver and kidney.

ZÉLL-V Green have a high protein, iron, and other mincontent which is absorbed when taken orally. It consist of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) which is one of the commonly consumed edible species of blue-green algae. AFA utilize light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air, and hydrogen from the water to synthesize proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.

Recently, algae have been used for the production of ethanol or bio-diesel. Organically cultivated in pristine New Zealand, the blue-green marine algae are extracted for their naturally potent nutrients, namely their organic antioxidant, C-Phycocyanin.


CONTACT OUR HEALTH CONSULTANT to get a better understanding ZÉLL-V green and also schedule a free assessment to check your Red Blood Cell condition with medical consultation.


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