The Rejuvenation & Revitalisation Centre of Asia


ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub is a prominent landmark in Klang Valley strategically located near Mid Valley Megamall and KL Sentral. With the slogan “Inspiring Better Health”, ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub aims to spread the culture of healthy living that emphasises daily health maintenance and prevention rather than medical intervention or treatment. The centre is fully owned by Ruyi Holdings Sdn Bhd, the company behind leading cellular therapy brand ZÉLL-V.

3 Steps to a Healthy, Quality Life

In ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub, we employ 3 steps – Detection, Education and Solution – to help you achieve a healthy, quality life.

  1. Detection – This is the first step to understanding your health. We offer comprehensive diagnostic tests such as: blood tests; cell check; skin, eye, teeth, scalp, breast and psychological examinations, genetic testing; chiropractic and foot adjustment, prenatal testing, BIA analysis, personality testing, etc.
  2. Education – We strive to disseminate proper knowledge about health and skin care among our customers through personal consultation and services, follow-ups, regular seminars, etc. so that they know how to maintain and prolong their health.
  3. Solution – We work with local and international experts, including Swiss, German and US doctors to provide you with the latest and most advanced medical technology and treatments based on your test results. Various services offered include: cellular therapy, detox therapy, boosting therapy, yoga and meditation, fitness classes, diet therapy, breast enhancement, skin treatments and weight management.

Our Philosophy

Health is Our Greatest Wealth. But can we measure, plan and improve our health?

Having travelled the world seeking for an answer through discussions with research teams, we finally arrived at the realisation that optimum health cannot be achieved by one product, one technology or one technique alone.

Consolidating the findings of these international research teams, ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub aims to help you plan out a healthy life in a holistic manner through examinations, education and treatments so that you can enjoy lifelong health.

Really, what do we need in order to savour life?

Our answer is: A healthy body and an attentive heart.

We invite you to visit us for a unique ZÉLL-V Wellness experience.

Slogan : Inspiring Better Health

Mission : To create a culture of health by emphasising on daily health maintenance and prevention, rather than medical intervention or treatment.

Vision : To achieve body, mind and soul balance, and lifelong health through health planning, examinations, education and treatments.