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ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy Symposium
24-25 October 2019

24-25 Oct, medical doctors and professionals in the medical and wellness industries from various countries, including China, Dubai, Iran, Indonesia and others attended the ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy Symposium held at ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub. This event allowed them to gain first-hand insights into the wonderful capabilities of cell therapy from world-renowned cell therapy practitioners like Dr Michael Mannel, a German complementary oncologist with over 40 years of experience in organ cell therapy and other experts.

Best Integrated Health and Wellness Service Provider of The Year 2019 in Asia Pacific Award
06 September 2019

ZÉLL-V is humbled to receive the Best Integrated Health and Wellness Service Provider of The Year 2019 in Asia Pacific Award for the 2nd consecutive year. Thank you to all our customers, doctors and partners for your support. We will continue to do our best to serve you better.

23-25 August 2019

In these modern times, health can no longer be maintained via living habits like diet and exercise or through the use of a product. To increase people’s awareness about health, ZÉLL-V has created the ZÉLL-V Family Go Healthy Carnival, a yearly event that focuses on health screening for the entire family.

Last Sunday, the second installation of the ZÉLL-V Family Go Healthy Carnival has ended successfully. Many had come with their family to undergo various tests to understand their health better. Some even turn out on the next day, bringing along other family members and friends! Indeed, the health of our family is our responsibility. Only with regular health screening that we are able to prevent chronic diseases and continue to live a healthy and quality life.

Students from Meidexian Business School Visit ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub
16 July 2019

Eighty students from Meidexian Business School recently had their classes at ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub. While they were here, they toured the building and were impressed with its nice ambience and surroundings. We are happy to host them and wish them the very best of health, vitality and beauty!

Reprogramming Your Cells
11 May 2019

Everyone will grow old one day, but you can choose whether you want to be healthy and vigorous, or sick and bedridden in your golden years. During our recent health talk, ZÉLL-V Head of Medical Professor Dr HK Yeo stressed on the importance of yearly health checks, on top of living a healthy lifestyle. Truly, it is via early detection that we can prevent debilitating diseases and maintain good health. It’s really important to plan out your health and the health of your loved ones, contact us today so we can help you.

Mrs Singapore contestants 2019 Visited ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub
04 April 2019

A warm welcome to Mrs Singapore contestants for coming to ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub! These gorgeous ladies spent 2 days 1 night here to enjoy all the wonderful health and beauty services in preparation for the finals.



Star WOW Fiesta 2019
16 & 17 March 2019

Star WOW Fiesta 2019 is a two-day fiesta(16th & 17th Mar 2019) in celebration of women in conjunction with International Women’s Day. ZÉLL-V will be launching its Silver and Gold Card Member at 65% discount to make health screening more affordable and reliable. Visit us at Booth number B18 for the special offer.
We will also be conducting Live Blood Analysis for all the ladies to check into below indicators
• Healthy Blood
• Poor oxygenation
• Acidic Environment
• Nutrient Absorption
• Cholesterol crystals
• Free Radicals
• Uric Acid
• Nutrient Deficiencies
• Liver Health/Stress Line
• Many More

15th International Symposium on Complementary & Regenerative Medicine
12 November 2018

15th International Symposium on Complementary & Regenerative Medicine” during 12th November 2018 at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore. It was a rare opportunity to be trained by a world class medical doctor with 40 years’ experience in Regenerative Medicine such as Immunotherapy, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Complementary Cancer Therapy and so on.

Chronic Diseases and Nasopharyngeal Cancer Seminar
29 September 2018

Cancer is very common today. Do you know that chronic diseases increase one’s risk of cancer? ZÉLL-V in-house medical advisor Prof Dr Harry Yeo Kar Kiat will be giving a talk regarding the link between chronic diseases and nasopharyngeal cancer at Sin Chew PJ headquarters on 29 Sep (Sat) at 2pm. Seats are limited, call 03-2273 6699 to register now!

Let's Go Health Expo
7 , 8 , 9 September

ZÉLL-V are one of the participants in Lets go health expo which is the place for you to have a chances to meet the professional nutritionist where you and your family can undergo a health screenings together. It is a expo for a family friendly event which can brings together over hundred of health & fitness ranging from products to services.

It will be held in Mid Valley Exhibition Center on 7-9 September 2018. Good news is “IT IS FREE ENTRY”!!! Bring your loved ones along for this event as it is definitely nothing but beneficial. There will be a wide range of products and professionals advises from professional! This is best way too prevent chronic diseases to slimming to healthy!

Notes: Statistics shows that 8-% of the worlds death toll is due to chronic disease, which are preventable but usually undetected until its too late. This is why prevention is better than cure. So take control of your health today by going for cell checks, get updated on your well-being and take care of your body.

ZÉLL-V V-Star Glorious Transformation
1 September 2018

V Star Gala Night – Glorious Transformation

You are cordially invited to our ZÉLL-V V Star Gala Dinner, V Star will bring you to experiences the joy of being healthy, vitalized and beautiful. From here, you could flaunt your natural beauty and boundless vitality gained from a total rejuvenation of your cells and during this, you could also inspire others to realize the importance of health and encourage them to pursue for better health and quality of life,

We hope you will manage to join us for this glorious transformation night, good cheer and gourmet delights would be our great honour. The dinner will be start with a cocktail session at 7:00 pm, dinner will be served in the Shangri-La Hotel grand ballroom at 8:00 pm and there will be a photograph session for all the pretty people to give us a best memory in order to captures the little moments that will always be the best moments. And the dress code will be in shanghai night theme.

Together we can share the joy of being Fun, Perseverance, Health, Vitality and also Beauty together.

Let’s us transformed into a healthier, younger and more beautiful person with ZÉLL-V and V Star!

ZÉLL-V ‘Family Go Healthy’ Health Carnival
11-13 May 2018

ZÉLL-V ‘Family Go Healthy’ Health Carnival (11-13 May) was held with success! Throughout the three meaningful days, we had brought various types of screenings – from head to toe, from inside out – to the public and successfully increased their awareness on health screening. The most devastating thing about chronic disease is discovering it too late. It is only by screening our body when we are seemingly still ‘healthy’ that we can understand our true health condition and take the necessary steps to rectify any problems so that we can stay healthy always. We look forward to see you at the next installment of ZÉLL-V Health Carnival!

2018 APAC Healthcare & Medical Tourism Awards
04 May 2018

We are pleased to announce that ZÈLL-V Wellness Hub is being awarded the Best Wellness and Holistic Provider award at the 2018 APAC Healthcare & Medical Tourism Award ceremony held in Saigon, Vietnam!

FEMININE Recognition Awards 2018
23 March 2018

We are proud to announce that ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub has received the FEMININE Recognition Awards 2018 – The Most Prominent Brand in the Wellness Category! We will continue to do our best to bring you optimum health, vitality, beauty!

German Cellular Therapy Seminar : Anti-Ageing & Bone Health
24&25 Nov 2017

Anti-Ageing & Bone Health held on 24 & 25 Nov was a great success. The event was supported and attended by doctors and customers from China, England, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. It was a great session of knowledge-sharing and personal consultation with university professors, oncologist and German medical specialist where solutions to health and bone problems were obtained.

Zumba Under the Moon” Mid-Autumn Party
5 October 2017

“Zumba Under the Moon” Mid-Autumn Party Zumba gets more exciting when it goes together with the Mid-Autumn celebration! After a heart-pumping and calorie-burning session, we feel revitalised and proceed to feast on an array of yummy mooncakes and delicacies!

Párty in Whité
28 August 2017

After learning about how cellular therapy is able to activate rejuvenation and repair of our cells for better health and vitality during the ZÉLL-V symposium, we proceeded to Skyloft for dinner, which was themed “Party in White”. Everyone was dressed in white attire, as we enjoyed scrumptious food, free flow of bear and the fascinating night view of KL city. It was indeed a relaxing and delightful evening!

ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy Symposium 2017
26&27 August 2017

It’s a fruitful day for attendees of the ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy Symposium 2017, as they attended 1-to-1 consultation with medical experts and learnt about how cellular therapy can rejuvenate and regenerate their cells for optimum health, vitality and quality life.

ZÉLL-V Green Seminar @ ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub
28 July 2017

When did you start making your health a priority? Is life so busy that you’re neglecting your health? Everything in life becomes meaningless once health is lost… From Micheal Wey and Wong Chui Ling’s sharing during the ZÉLL-V Green Seminar, we learnt that giving our cells the best and complete nutrition is crucial to keep our cells healthy and keep diseases at bay. Truly, healthy cells equals to a healthy, happy life! PM or Call us for more info.

Baby Care Workshop
4 January 2017
Miss Tourism World Malaysia
3 October 2016

Beauty Queens’ Beautiful Day Out. The contestants of Miss Tourism World Malaysia paid a visit to ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub on 3 Oct 2016. Listening attentively to the introduction about ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub, these lovely contestants exude a graceful demeanour. After the briefing, the contestants proceeded to V Wellness at Level 9 to experience numerous health examinations and try out various health and beauty products. They also learnt about many health and beauty tips. Thereafter, they were treated to a scrumptious lunch bursting with local flavours at Ketuhar Fine Dining Restaurant. ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub is deeply honoured to host these 15 beautiful women. We wish them all the best in their quest for the crown and may they enjoy optimum health and vitality every day in their life.

ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub Official Opening Ceremony
6 September 2016

What do we need in order to enjoy life? Above all else, we need a healthy body. Realising that optimum health cannot be achieved by one product or one medical technique, Ruyi Holdings has established ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub to provide you with holistic care that will help you achieve body, mind and soul balance. On 6 September 2016, ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub was officially opened by the Minister of Tourism and Culture in a grand ceremony attended by hundreds. Let us take good care of our healthy today, so that we can truly live life to the fullest!