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The OM Mandala

Finding Rest through Inner Peace

About The Om Mandala

Modern society has taken its toll on many people, and most have not enjoyed a good rest for a long time. The Om Mandala is inspired by different religions and cultures that prioritise meditation as a form of garnering power from the universe and recharging the energy of a person’s mind, spirit, and soul. In The Om Mandala, we will make sure that you find perfect rest. Throughout your stay, we help you regain the energy and power lost in a hectic life by engaging your 5 senses.

The Sense of Sight
Mandala tapestries are the main feature of all our rooms. When one looks upon a mandala, what appear in his mind is an interpretation of the universe, the sun and stars, and even the geometric aspects of everything in our environment. This evokes spiritual relaxation and facilitates meditation.

The Sense of Smell
The moment you steps into OM Mandala, the warm, earthy aromas of Egyptian Geranium, sweetened by the richness of Indian Patchouli, will gently unwind your senses. This will lift away the accumulated stress and tension in your daily life, creating a whole new level of mental peace.

The Sense of Taste
Customers of The OM Mandala will receive a standard 1-day serving of ZÉLL-V Sheep Placenta, perfect for people of all ages with numerous advantages for one’s health, vitality and youthfulness. In addition, we will serve a special nutritious meal for breakfast. Many people are oblivious of the importance of breakfast as the first meal of the day, thus they often skip it. In OM Stay we ensure that your day will start in the best fashion with the best food and supplements.

The Sense of Hearing
The soothing power of music is well-established. Music touches our innermost emotions and can be used as an effective tool for relaxation. It has the ability to slow the pulse and heart rate, lower blood pressure, decrease stress hormones and at the same time is a great aid to meditation by helping the mind to stay focus. As you step into OM Mandala, light and pleasant music enters your subconscious mind and provides relaxation. We aim to make you relaxed before you know it.

The Sense of Touch
A good rest is our body’s basic need. As you rest, your body repairs and regenerates itself. In The OM Mandala, we prepare the best facilities to ensure that you will get the most comfortable, quality rest possible to regenerate your health.

Rooms & Facilities:

    • Meditation guidance
    • Nutritious meals
  • Luxurious beddings
  • Stylish rooms
  • Professional health consultations
  • Access to other facilities in ZÉLL-V Wellness

* To cater to customers looking for the ultimate comfort and luxury, we also have The Om Mandala Luxe, which offers branded quality bedding that is sterilised with UV light after every customer.


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Contact Information

The OM Mandala, Level 8
Menara Ruyi, No. 30A, Lorong Kapar, Jalan 2/87G, Off Jalan Syed Putra, 58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2273 6699 / +6012-697 5533
FB: zellvwellness