Refresh your body, mind and soul.

Level 11

RUYI Holdings

ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub houses the signature store and customer service center for leading cellular therapy brand – ZÉLL-V. Come discover how ZÉLL-V can help you achieve excellent health, vitality and beauty.

Level 11

ZÉLL-V Sheep Placenta

ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus softgels have undergone the advanced encapsulation technology to prevent stomach acid from destroying the active cellular materials, thereby ensuring maximum absorption.

Level 11

ZÉLL-V Green

Complete Cellular Detoxification with extra care of nourishing your cells for a healthier you on the inside you and more radiant, fairer and suppler skin on the outside and amazing benefits to your detox organs.

Level 11


BeVité is an easy-to-drink meal supplement made from a unique concoction of functional foods. Daily consumption provides you with adequate amount of protein and nutrients that your body needs.

Level 9

The Om Spa

Pamper yourself with luxurious massages and therapies which effectively remove your stress and fatigue, giving you complete relaxation and body, mind and soul balance.

Level 8

The OM Mandala

A good rest is vital for your body to repair itself. The OM Mandala allows you to regain inner peace and balance through Mandala meditation and rejuvenate your bodily cells with oral cellular therapy.

Level 6 & 7

Kimporo Postnatal Rejuvenation

Luxurious confinement centre offering comprehensive care to mom and baby. Rest assured that both you and your precious new born are in good hands during this crucial period for recovery and restoration.